Co-Investors and Litigation Funders

Investing in JBSL’s syndicated loans and accessing the secondary market

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JBSL Focuses on legal Investing

Through its Syndication Model, institutional investors of all types have access to JBSL’s opportunities and expertise.

  • More than $1 billion in original issue deals done annually.
  • JBSL invests its balance sheet alongside its co-investors.
  • Co-Investors include the world’s leading hedge funds, PE shops, commercial banks and insurance companies.
  • Tranches and Ratings: JBSL’s original issue loans and legal investments are heavily structured, tranched, and often-times rated.
  • Liquidity: JBSL structures every deal with an eye toward secondary trading. JBSL is the only firm on Wall Street that regularly trades litigation investments in the secondary market.
  • Independent 3rd Party Servicer on each facility.
  • Standardized documents that have been vetted by dozens of multi-billion-dollar co-investors and their outside law firms.
  • JBSL works with marquee law firms in every field of practice– commercial litigation, mass torts, personal injury, qui tam, antitrust and others.

Secondary Market Trading Through JBSL

The JBSL team pioneered the litigation finance secondary market, having structured and traded the first and most famous secondary trade nearly a decade ago — the Petersen Transaction.

Since then, JBSL has been engaged by hedge funds, traditional litigation funders and others to help them accelerate and lock in their own returns, reduce risk, and access mature investment portfolio originated by some of the most experienced litigation funders in the market.

JBSL Advisory Services for Legal Asset Investors

The JBSL Advisory team’s extensive experience is an invaluable asset to our advisory clients, who look to JBSL to assist these investors by acting as an outside underwriter for other litigation funders, commercial banks, and similar investors.

Our clients understand that underwriting and investing in legal risk requires a dedicated team with a singular focus and a steadfast discipline to ensure that only high-quality investments make it through the investment committee process. JBSL acts as outside underwriters for these investors, opening the door to this exciting asset class providing valuation, structuring, and pricing of litigation investments.

Please reach out to us to learn more about investing alongside JBSL.

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