Law Firms, Corporate Plaintiffs and Claim Owners

The JBSL Legal Funding team specializes in law firm and corporate legal asset lending: Law firms ranging from traditional contingency firms to AmLaw 100 now turn to litigation financing. Publicly traded and private companies utilize litigation finance for balance sheet and legal asset maximization.

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JBSL’s Legal Finance Team Turns Legal Assets Into Growth and Profits

Deal Types Include:

  • Single Case fee and expense finance.
  • Law firm OpEx and expansion finance.
  • Legal receivables and claim monetization.

Benefits Of Accessing Outside Capital For Legal Risk:

  • Increased competitiveness by allowing firms to enter into alternative fees, synthetic contingency arrangements, while maintaining their own risk tolerance.
  • Accelerated firm returns.
  • Managed cash flow.

Turning the legal department into a profit center

The JBSL Advisory Team Assists Law Firms and Corporate Clients in All Aspects of Legal Asset Financing and Monetization, Including:

  • Valuation and outside analysis of dockets and case portfolios. Often, corporate clients have valuable legal assets sitting on their balance sheet at a $0 valuation. JBSL advises companies on how to monetize these assets and how to unlock value through legal finance.
  • Improve operating cash flow by financing litigation costs.
  • Tap into non-recourse capital against dormant assets.
  • Ensure working capital for operations.

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